Deliciously Hypnobirthing - Deliciously Ella shares details of her home hypnobirth

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Food and wellness entrepreneur Ella Mills, also known as Deliciously Ella, has revealed details of her home birth and how she used hypnobirthing to help stay in the zone.

Sharing a photograph on her instagram page, Ella described the birth of her baby girl whom they named Skye Tessa Camilla Davan Mills, as "The most powerful, surreal, totally extraordinary moment."

She credits hypnobirthing (KGHypnobirthing) for providing "the inspiration, wisdom and guidance" and describes that it "empowered us more than I can explain".

On a separate post she shared:

"The birth was intense, it’s certainly a physical experience, and I’ve never felt more powerful. I had a sense that she was coming on Friday and woke up to my waters breaking early on Saturday morning. We pottered around at home for a few hours, went to the farmers market, made breakfast, watched Notting Hill and then as it started to pick up we put our fave calming music on, lit candles, closed the curtains and filled the birth pool. About five hours later she shot into the world like a rocket, came out the water straight on to my chest where she fed for about an hour and a half while we waited for the placenta and our midwife checked we were both ok. I went totally into my own space during the birth, focusing on every sensation and visualising what was happening during it, thinking of each one as a wave. It’s a whole other level of surrendering and trusting your body totally, and we spent months focusing on letting go of fear, learning everything we could about birth, so that we felt as educated and informed about every step of the process and every decision along the way. Our doula took this and I saw it for the first time this morning, it says everything about that moment perfectly. It wasn’t easy but it was so powerful."

Here you have another testament to the power of hypnobirthing and how important it is to feel informed and educated when it comes to giving birth. There is a reason why many celebrities and royalty alike are turning to this method of birth preparation. And yes, that is what it is - birth preparation. Ella achieved the birth she wanted by putting in the work and implementing daily practice to prepare her mind and body for labour. Hypnobirthing gives you the tools to re-frame your mindset around birth into one of calm and confidence and it takes practice and the know-how to do this.

We spend many, many hours preparing for important days in our lives - such as our wedding day. Countless of hours are spent planning each detail meticulously to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. So why not preparation for giving birth? If you think about it, it seems irrational that most people will generally spend more time researching the perfect pram rather than to partake in birth preparation classes. Unfortunately, understanding the inner workings of the birthing body and how to have a calm birth is knowledge that has been long lost in our culture and birth is often seen as a medicalised experience rather than the natural, physiological process that it is. We are not saying that medicalised births are unnecessary, because in some situations we can indeed be quite grateful for them. What we are saying is that the unnecessary and over-medicalisation of birth has far reaching consequences which we may not understand and can negatively impact both mother and baby. It is important to become as knowledgeable as possible on your birth options so that you are able to make informed decisions as autonomous individuals.

When you learn hypnobirthing with The Birth Revolution, we include the KGHypnobirthing curriculum that is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. Not only will you learn about the hormonal aspects of labour and how to help facilitate the hormones needed to efficiently birth a baby, but you also learn about anatomy and physiology, how to navigate the maternity system and about your rights in childbirth plus a whole lot more! We believe in building better births through knowledge and that knowledge = empowerment. Our in-depth antenatal and hypnobirthing courses are evidence based, logical and modern and we believe in supporting women and their birth partners to achieve the best birth possible.

Deliciously Ella highlighted in her post on social media, that she felt "educated and informed about every step of the process and every decision along the way". It is so important that women and their birth partners feel like they had control of their birth experience and that they were supported and respected by their caregivers. In our courses we make it very well known that it does not matter how you give birth in the end. If you can come home and feel like you made the best choices regardless of what may have happened in labour, and that you felt in control, then you have an empowered birth. This is such an important aspect of maternal mental health too and it cannot be underestimated how powerful an informed birth is. Hypnobirthing allows you to feel calm and in control regardless of what situation you are handed during labour. So if you are planning for a natural birth and your labour differs from your ideal birth plan, you still feel in control. Even for planned c-sections, hypnobirthing is of enormous benefit.

We can be thankful for social media and the power of sharing positive birth experiences. It is fantastic that so many people of influence have taken to hypnobirthing and are taking the time to post about their births. It is giving women a completely different perspective to the common narrative of birth being the overly dramatised, medicalised event that we too often see on television and in hollywood films. Hypnobirthing is certainly not the mainstream (yet!) but it is something that every woman should understand. It is time to create a positive birthing culture and for women to take control and own their births.

Congratulations to Deliciously Ella on the arrival of her daughter and a big, big thank you for sharing your positive birth experience to the world!

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