Oxytocin - the "swift birth" hormone.

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

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The hormone involved in sex, love and childbirth! The word 'oxytocin' actually derives from the ancient Greek words for "swift birth".

Oxytocin plays multiple roles in birth:

✔️Brings on labour ✔️Regulates and maintains surges ✔️Builds up the intensity of surges

In other words, oxytocin allows you to birth your baby.

Oxytocin is also produced when:

▪️We have sex ▪️Cuddle our loved one ▪️When we breastfeed

It also helps us to bond with our baby.

This is why it is known as the 'love hormone' ❤

Oxytocin is also know as 'the shy hormone'. So it only works if we feel safe and comfortable!

This is why in birth it's important we feel calm, relaxed and safe. If we feel fearful, we produce adrenaline and we can't produce oxytocin if we are producing adrenaline. So it is really important we feel comfortable and calm, regardless of which birthing environment we are in.

Hypnobirthing provides you with the techniques to relax quickly and deeply so that you can focus on remaining calm. It also teaches you how to reframe your mind to view birth as a positive event, rather than one to be fearful of.

Simply put:

Calm = Oxytocin.

Oxytocin = more efficient birthing.


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